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The circular plaza designed around the Grain Silo creates a ring of public spaces nestled on the dockside of the working harbour, warehouses, cranes, hoists, gantries, shed, containers, ships and functional industrial archaeology. Buildings with a purpose. The planning of the new Silo District is architecturally contemporary, full of purpose and designed to maximize location and  comfort.

The characteristic design of No. 3 Silo is a collaboration between Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects (VDMMA) and Makeka Design Lab.

No. 3 Silo was gracefully imagined as a collection of three cylindrical chambers echoing the Grain Silos to contain different areas of the building, keeping it personal and allowing for a multitude of unique apartment types. The spaces between these chambers house the vertical circulation for the building and provide spectacular views from the building, but are interesting elements in their own right and will have a very different character at night.

VDMMA and Makeka Design Lab have developed a building that responds to its macro and micro physical and cultural environment. The design ensures that the necessary environmental response for sustainability is achieved without compromising the utility, comfort or aesthetic quality.

The interior comfort of the No. 3 Silo apartments has been carefully put together by Source Interior Brand Architecture and inspired by the concrete of the dolosse, the timber of the jetty, the colours of the sea and the mist that gathers  over it.


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