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The V&A Waterfront is a special place, where a centuries-old working harbour remains at the heart of a modern, cosmopolitan urban precinct.

By any global measure of renewal and restoration, the V&A Waterfront has been an extraordinary success story. It was the vision and determination of three men who saw the rebirth of what was rapidly becoming a derelict seafront into the business, tourism and leisure destination we have today.

This has been achieved by starting small and concentrating on the initial development to avoid random growth. There has always been a cultural sensitivity through the adaptive re-use of historic

buildings and a commitment to a unique design identity in a local style.

Intertwined with the Cape’s past, preset and its future, the V&A Waterfront has transformed the derelict docklands into the beating historical heart of Cape Town as a city.

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A smile with your coffee, a joke for the kids and a helping hand with the shopping. The V&A Waterfront is a neighbourhood of people who are proud and passionate. It is their enthusiasm and dedication that brings this historic site to life. From the fishermen, stevedores, sailors and explorers to the performers, artists and artisans, baristas, chefs and concierge; they all make it their mission to provide service of the highest standards no matter who the customer. Visitors and local Capetonians alike have been welcomed home to the V&A Waterfront by familiar faces to make you feel special and part of the family.

Legacy, loyalty and excellence are qualities favoured in the personalities of the V&A Waterfront. Having achieved the highest average service score by a South African retail property it’s clear that every job done is a job done well. From the hours of preparation that it can take one of Cape Town’s top chefs to present an exquisite meal to the little joys found in a scoop of  ice cream. Whatever your business or pleasure, walk down the wharf and know there’ll be a nod or wink waiting round the corner.